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Ethylene glycol Tech concentration 25% to 100% – with demineralized water and...

Specialized Cleaners

- Coil-Off- biodegradable - For copper & steel heating coils
- Gon-70 – Parts cleaner...


- Acetic acid
- Citric acid
- Hydrochloric acid (muriatic 20BE)...


- Acetone
- Ethanol 2A
- Isopropylic alcohol 99%...

simco chemical products Inc.

Welcome! Simco Chemical Products Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of numerous chemical products to meet the specific needs of the industrial and commercial sectors especially the HVAC enterprises.

We manufacture different concentrations of propylene glycol and ethylene glycol . Our glycols contains a biocide, and de-mineralized water to avoid the contamination in the circuits and systems.

Simco Chemical Products Inc has developed special cleaners for heating coils, aluminium fine coils, circuits and water towers. One of our popular products is the Super-5, a safe replacement for dangerous acids. It contains a blend of food grade powerful penetrating agents and a special patented inhibitor that cleans…while your system is operating.

Our clients are our business partners; they can rely on us for the best prices and a fast and efficient service.