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Simco chemicals

Simco chemicals

Since 1980, SIMCO CHEMICALS INC is manufacturing cleaning products for the general, heating, cooling & refrigeration companies. We also serve automotive body shops, garages, printers, silkscreen and paint enterprises and are distributing various products for water treatment. Our concrete sealers and penetrating oils are well known in the market.

Dedicated to live in a better environment, we have developed a super biodegradable geothermic product that meets all the LEED certification. The mechanical engineers are adopting this new formula. The plumbers and well drillers are using it to their great satisfaction.

We distribute and repackage approximately 1,500 industrial chemicals. Preparation of your various formulas and blends under private labelling is one of our specialties. Deliveries by tanker truck for several products are available.

A certificate of authorization has been issued by the Ministry of Environment and we are members of the "Charte Québéçoise de la Qualité totale".

Preparation of your formulas and mixtures according to your needs.

We hold a certificate of authorization from the Ministry of Environment and we are a member of the Quebec Charter of Total Quality.


We hold a certificate of authorization from The Canadian Food Agency Inspection for our product SIMFROST Propylene Glycol USP - S796.